About Elio Aziz

A Creative Lebanese Fashion Designer who launched an exceptional line of haute couture designs

Elio Aziz is a creative Lebanese fashion designer who launched an exceptional line of haute couture designs from Lebanon to the entire world.

Aziz was born in the Lebanese town of Ferzol, nestled in Zahle district within the Bekaa Governorate. There, he learned how to love nature, preserve his heritage, and consolidate his family bonds.

From an early age, he had a passion for art in all its forms. He was introduced to the mesmerizing world of theater and upscale shows through the Caracalla Dance Theatre where he discovered the deep-rooted Lebanese culture, along with other cultures from all over the world.

Elio Aziz chose the field of fashion design, as it is centered around the woman who has always been his muse. He showed a great attachment to his mother, whom he considers his first muse. In fact, she was the one who encouraged him to pursue a career in fashion design at the International Institute in Jounieh, Lebanon.

Elio embarked on a journey in fashion design, relying on an elite of Lebanese women who adored his innovations. He soon caught the attention of the press with his creative designs for which he earned an unrivalled reputation across the Arab world. The talented artist always thought that the credit for his success goes to the Lebanese woman who believed in him in the first place and inspired him with her striking elegance and attention to the smallest details.

Elio Aziz reached one milestone after another and charmed an elite of the most prominent Arab women and princesses who chose him to design their own outfits for the biggest weddings and events. He also worked with some of the most famous female artists in the Arab world.

Elio sees the forties and fifties as two of the most important periods in the history of fashion. He also believes that classic designs best reflect the sophisticated and elegant look that often defines the most stylish women.

“Arab women call me Mr. Cut, for my special approach in fashion design”